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Nursing with breast implants

After the birth of my second daughter, I chose to have breast augmentation. I had always been very small busted and after nursing my first daughter for two months, off and on, and then my second daughter for a few months, my breasts became smaller than their pre-pregnancy size.

I had my first augmentation in March 1990 and a second augmentation for a larger size in April 1991. I found out I was pregnant just one month after my second surgery. I was shocked. I wanted more children but was planning to wait a few years.

During my first few months of pregnancy I was disappointed to think that I might never be able to breastfeed this baby. Even though my first two babies were breastfed only a short time, at least I knew they had a good start.

I asked my surgeon how the augmentation had been done and if I could still breastfeed. He said I could try as no milk ducts had been severed. I began getting information on nursing with breast implants and awaited the birth of my third baby. I was determined to attempt nursing one more time – even though I had breast implants.

To my surprise, nursing my third time around is better than ever. My daughter is still nursing successfully – no bottles, no pacifiers, just me. What a great feeling!

One thing that I have found is that my right nipple is slightly numb. In order for the milk to let down when she starts to nurse on my right breast, I stimulate the left nipple by hand to trigger a let-down. If she starts out on the left side, there is no problem.

Having implants made me more determined to try harder at nursing, because the thought of not ever being able to nurse again was such a disappointment. I only wish I had been this determined and persistent for my other daughters.

I encourage any woman with implants to try nursing. It is worth the effort when you watch your baby thrive on the milk your body produces.

By Bernadette P.

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