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Secrets to healthy nails

One way to achieve healthy, sexy nails is to get a weekly manicure. However, you can create perfect nails in minutes a day right at home. Here are a few secret tips to achieve the look you desire in just minutes a day.

Hydrate your nails with nourishing oils

Hydrating your nails is extremely different from hydrating your body. Your body craves water. However, soaking your nails in water is not good for you. Nails absorb water easily, and when they are wet, they can peel and rip. So, allow your nails to thoroughly dry before doing anything that could bend or break them.

To help hydrate your nails, massage either petroleum jelly, vitamin E, castor oil, or olive oil directly into your cuticle and on the skin surrounding your nails each night.

Eat a handful of nuts a day

Another way to nourish your nails with oils is to eat a handful of nuts a day. Walnuts and almonds have omega-3 fats which promotes strong nails and prevents splitting.

Shape your nails for a perfect look

If it’s one thing a woman should always have on hand, it’s a nail file. Keep your nails shaped not only for the perfect look, but to prevent further damage to your nail bed. If your nail is chipped, just one wrong move and you could rip your nail further.

Nail shaping is an art. If you have short fingers, file them round. If you have long fingers, file them square. These are illusion tricks to give you sexy fingers and nails.

Take extra care of your cuticles

At least once a week as you are shaping your nails, take extra care of your cuticles. Be sure to push your cuticles back and not cut them. Your cuticles act as a barrier and ensure bacteria do not enter the base of your nails.

Massage your cuticles to bring the blood into the nail, and you’ll notice a healthy nail growth.

Always use a base coat on your nails

No matter if you’re in the habit of polishing your nails or wearing them natural without color, always use a base coat on your nails. A base coat polish keeps your nails looking fresh and prevents dry, brittle nail development.

These five nail beauty secrets will promote healthy nail growth. Simply take a few minutes a day to achieve that healthy look.

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