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Child height predictor

child height predictorThis Child Height Predictor can help you predict how tall your child will be at age 18.


Enter your child’s age, gender, and parents’ heights, hit “calculate” and see how tall your child will be when he grows up. If you’re not sure about something, like your child’s current height or weight, just take a guess:

Child’s Gender: Girl   Boy
Mother’s Height:  feet   inches
Father’s Height:  feet   inches
Child’s Age: years
Child’s Height:  feet   inches
Child’s Weight:  lbs
Estimated Predicted Adult Height:


Length measure conversion US – Metric

This online calculator is based on your child’s current height, the height of the child’s parents, where they are on the growth charts and the fact that most kids follow their growth curves fairly closely. It is the Khamis-Roche statistics-based method.

Although our calculator uses logic to give you a rough estimate, you should understand that the human body, and genetics, are two very complex subjects and this calculator should be interpreted as such!


  • This predictor only works for children currently aged 4 to 17 (it’s difficult to get an accurate prediction for babies and toddlers).
  • You need a JavaScript-enabled browser to use this page.

Many factors, such as overall health and nutrition, will be a factor in your child’s future height. Please consult a physician if you have concerns about your child’s development. Source: H.J. Khamis and A.F. Roche. Wright State University School of Medicine, 1995.

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