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Diagnosis of respiratory failure

Use this calculator to enter some clinical and laboratory data to determine if your child has respiratory failure.

Diagnosis of Respiratory Failure
Enter the following data
Clinical criteria Score
Are breath sounds reduced to absent?
Are severe inspiratory retractions present?
Does the child use accessory muscles during inspiration?
Is cyanosis present when the child is on 40% oxygen (FIO2 = 0.40)?
Does the child show a decreased level of consciousness?
Does the patient show a decreased response to pain?
Is skeletal muscle tone poor?
Laboratory criteria Score
PaCO2 on room air (FIO2 = 0.21) mm Hg
PaO2 on 100% oxygen (FIO2 = 1.0) mm Hg
Number of clinical criteria met (3 needed)
Number of laboratory criteria met (1 needed)
Can acute respiratory failure be diagnosed?
Automatic recalculation 


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