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Difficult intubation scoring

Is the child at risk of difficult ET intubation? Use this calculator to know, by entering certain criteria about your child.

Difficult Intubation Scoring
Conversion of measurements
Distance in inches equals cm
Enter data
Factor Select Score Compensatory
Does the patient have a receding chin?  
Is Mallampati's sign present (uvula not visible)?  
Does the patient have restricted neck extension?  
Does the patient have protruding teeth?  
Is the patient edentulous?  
Is anterior subluxation possible?  
Mouth opening in cm
Thyromental distance in cm  
Vertical neck length in cm
Neck circumference in cm  
Adjusted score
Prepare for difficult intubation?
Automatic recalculation 


  • thyromental distance (TMD): thyroid prominence to the chin
  • vertical neck length: thyroid prominence to sternal notch
  • neck circumference: circumference at the level of the cricoid
  • anterior subluxation: ability to protrude the lower incisors beyond the upper incisors


Nath G Sekar M. Predicting difficult intubation – A comprehensive scoring system. Anaesth Intens Care. 1997; 25: 482-486.

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