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Hypertension assessment in children

Use this calculator to assess and classify your child’s high blood pressure. Is he/she considered to have normal blood pressure, or significant or severe hypertension, or need further evaluation?

Hypertension Assessment in Children
Enter the following data
Age in years years
Age in weeks
Initial systolic blood pressure mm Hg
Initial diastolic blood pressure mm Hg
Is the patient on antihypertensive medication?
Is the patient acutely ill?
Number of subsequent readings
Blood pressure readings



Visit 1
Visit 2
Visit 3
Visit 4
Visit 5
Appropriate for classification?
Sufficient readings to classify?
Systolic blood pressure classification for initial reading
Diastolic blood pressure classification for initial reading
Average systolic blood pressure mm Hg
Average diastolic blood pressure mm Hg
Isolated systolic hypertension?
Followup recommendation
Automatic recalculation 


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