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Neonatal hypothermia risk

Use this calculator to determine the number of risk factors associated with hypothermia in the newborn and the requirement for closer monitoring of the neonate’s body temperature.

Neonatal Hypothermia Risk
Conversion of temperature
Body temperature in °F °F equals °C
Enter data
Was the child born prematurely? 
Was the child’s birth weight low for gestational age? 
Did the child show birth asphyxia and/or a low Apgar score? 
Is the child’s environment cold? 
Is the child septic? 
Is the child hypoglycemic? 
Does the child have hypothyroidism? 
Does the child have CNS dysfunction? 
Does the child have DIC ? 
Is the child receiving a drug associated with drug-induced hypothermia? 
Number of risk factors associated with hypothermia
Should there be closer monitoring of the neonate's body temperature?
Automatic recalculation 


  • Choudhary SP Bajaj RK Gupta RK. Knowledge attitude and practices about neonatal hypothermia among medical and paramedical staff. Indian J Pediatrics. 2000; 67 (7): 491-496.
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