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Red wine for anti-aging

Wine Anti-agingRed wine drinkers have one more reason to celebrate, a study concluding that wine has capability of preventing common food borne ailments in human beings. Such benefits of health from a glass of red wine were long known but scientists now endorse the old grannys saying.

Scientists who conducted studies while testing the inhibitory results of various types and shades of red wines and grape juice found that pathogens as well as probiotic bacteria that usually reside in the intestinal tract could be useful in fighting the bad cholesterol and tumours among other things.

Genes, which delay ageing and prevent cancer, have been uncovered by a study on C. elegans roundworms. Deep evolutionary connection between lifespan and cancer has been brought out by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco in their study. Cell growth is tumoured by cellular changes lead by longevity and ageing.

Found in the study by the scientists that worm genes have counterparts in humans in huge numbers, which suggested that modern drugs might lead to a long and cancer-free life some day. In 1993, the researchers when previously carried out a similar study on worms, found that a manipulation in just a single gene, called daf-2, was doubling the lifespan of the worm.

It was widely held tumour growth would be stimulated if any technique that slows aging is used. But it is found that many genes expand lifespan as well as slowing tumour growth. Many versions of these genes are present in humans. So it can be said that treatment that lead us to have a cancer-free much longer than normal youthful than normal.

Thus red wine which stipulates such genes by prevents tumours can be another source of joy for regular drinkers. A glass of red wine a day is a key for anti-aging.

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