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Breast calcifications

Breast calcificationsBreast calcifications are a medical condition wherein small calcium deposits are present within the breast tissue. These deposits of calcium are a non-palpable finding visualized by mammography. Continue reading »

Who should be in the delivery room

Who should be in the delivery roomBack in the 1950s, doctors and nurses attended the mother in the delivery room, and dads weren’t allowed in. Thankfully, times have changed. Continue reading »

How to choose the right diet plan

How to choose the right diet planChoosing the right diet plan can be quite a difficult task these days. Continue reading »

Why do men lose weight faster than women

Why do men lose weight faster than womenMen and women are very different in their fat storage, as I’m sure you’ve observed. Women store more fat than men – about double the amount. Continue reading »

How a baby’s gender is determined

Chromosomes XX XYIt is vital to understand how mother nature determines a baby’s gender. Let’s take a look at what scientists have discovered about the flow of events that lead to the determination of gender. These facts are mostly fascinating and amazing combined. Continue reading »

Nutrition and supplements for PMS

Nutrition and supplements for PMSAre there any foods and supplements that can help alleviate PMS symptoms, such as bloating and irritability, mild cramps or even severe depression, as well as mood swings, fluid retention, weight gain, and others? Continue reading »

Difference between Obesity and Overweight

Difference between Obesity and OverweightHave you heard any of these exasperated comments? “My doctor says I overweight, and I need to lose about 15 pounds.” “Look at how obese these clothes make me look!” Continue reading »

Deoxyribonucleic Acid – DNA

Deoxyribonucleic Acid - DNADNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, is found in the nuclei of cells, the building blocks of the human body. It is the principal constituent of chromosomes, the structures that transmit hereditary characteristics. Continue reading »

Herbs to avoid during pregnancy

Herbs to avoid during pregnancyThere are a vast number of herbs used to treat any almost any ailment you can think of. There are of course herbs to avoid completely during your pregnancy. Continue reading »


common valerianLatin name: Valeriána officinális. It belongs to the genus Valeriana, family Valerianaceae. Also known as: all-heal, amantilla, capon’s tail, setwal, garden valerian, garden heliotrope. Continue reading »

Stretches for cyclists

cyclist stretchingWhen you work a muscle, it contracts and generally becomes shorter. In order to keep the muscle flexible and able to travel through its full range of motion, you have to lengthen it again. That’s why stretching is so important. Continue reading »


OsteoporosisOsteoporosis is a medical condition where bones in the body become increasingly brittle and fragile as age progresses, it is characterized by the progressive loss of bone density and making the bone tissue thin. Osteoporosis literally means “pores of bone”. Continue reading »

Plantago major

Plantago majorPlantágo májor (greater plantain or broadleaf plantain) is a member of the Plantaginaceae family. Plantago major contains mucilage, aucubin glucoside, minerals, vitamins C, K and factor “T” which helps to stop bleeding. Continue reading »


mammographyA mammogram, or mammography, is a low-dose X-ray study of the breasts. Unlike a chest X-ray that images your lungs, heart, ribs, etc., a mammogram allows an isolated view of the breast tissue. Continue reading »

Breast cancer diagnosis

breast cancer diagnosisIf you have a suspicious lump or other symptom, the doctor must diagnose whether it is due to breast cancer or some other cause. Continue reading »