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Weight loss medications

medications to lose weightToday there is anxious anticipation about the effectiveness and safety of the numerous weight loss medications recently introduced to treat overweight Americans. Continue reading »

Diabetes and women

diabetes and womenCurrently 8.1 million U.S. women have diabetes in the U.S. and a third of them do not even know they have it. Continue reading »

Alcohol and diabetes

alcohol and diabetesEverybody likes the occasional drink and there is really no harm in it. However for diabetics, alcohol can be extremely dangerous. Continue reading »

Coagulation factor replacement calculator

Continue reading »

Newborn’s Blood, Plasma, and RBCs volume

Calculate your premature or fullterm newborn’s Blood, Plasma, and RBCs (red blood cells) Volume Continue reading »

Body surface area calculator

Calculate body surface area from weight and height. Continue reading »

Diabetes Myths

The early 90’s has shown a dramatic increase in the number of Americans with diabetes. Diabetes is a very complex problem. Continue reading »

Diabetes treatment

Diabetes treatmentOnce type 2 diabetes diagnosed, the goal for patients is to stabilize their glucose (blood sugar) levels. Continue reading »


TamoxifenTamoxifen is an anti-estrogen medication that has been used to treat some types of breast cancer for the last 30 years. Continue reading »


Sassafras has latin botanical name Sassafras Albidum and belongs to family Lauraceae. Continue reading »

Premature rupture of membranes (PROM)

Premature rupture of membranesThe amniotic sac, or membranes, contains the amniotic fluid and baby and usually breaks during the early stages of labor, often referred to as the water breaking. Continue reading »

Working while pregnant

working while pregnantAs happy as you may be about your pregnancy, being pregnant is not always easy. Continue reading »


aluminiumAluminium is one of the most widely used metals. Its element symbol is Al and atomic number 13. Continue reading »

Anemia in pregnancy

Anemia in pregnancyOne of the more common disorders of pregnancy which the midwife must recognize and implement therapy for, is anemia. Continue reading »


diabetesDefinition of Diabetes
In health, the body keeps the blood sugar levels within very narrow limits. The levels are controlled by insulin, which is produced by tiny cells called islets within the pancreas. Continue reading »