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Cystic Acne

Cystic acneCystic Acne, also referred to as nodulocystic acne or inflammatory acne, is the grand stage for acne and most radical form. Continue reading »

Probiotics during pregnancy

Probiotics during pregnancyProbiotics are living microorganisms that are basically good bacteria, alike those that are present in the human gut Continue reading »

Quit smoking tips for women

Quit smokingCompared to men, women seem to have a more difficult time giving up their cigarettes and quit smoking. Continue reading »

Women and smoking

woman smokingPicture for a moment this all-too-common scene: A man and a woman about your age — let’s call them Tom and Marg — are standing on the sidewalk taking a cigarette break. Let’s say they have identical smoking histories: about half a pack a day for 10 years. Continue reading »

Tubal ligation

tubal ligationThere are dozens of different methods of birth control available today, giving women the freedom to choose the one that is right for them, depending on individual needs, lifestyle, and reproductive goals. Continue reading »

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosaAnorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which the individual, typically a female, uses self-starvation in an attempt to lose weight. Continue reading »

Fetal fibronectin

Fetal fibronectin is a large modular glycoprotein that helps bind cells in tissues and produced by the chorionic membrane. Continue reading »

Placenta accreta

Placenta accreta is a pregnancy condition when placenta attaches to the uterine wall in an abnormal way Continue reading »


polyhydramniosPolyhydramnios (polyhydramnion) is the condition of an abnormal amount or over-abundance of amniotic fluid. This is a potentially dangerous condition and occurs in about 1 – 2 % of all pregnancies. Continue reading »

Luteal phase defect

Luteal phase defect (LPD), also known as luteal phase insufficiency, is a hormonal disorder that may cause infertility, Continue reading »

Bowles’ mint

Bowles mintBowles’ mint is also known by its scientific name, Mentha villosa alopecuroides. It is a hybrid of apple mint and spearmint. Continue reading »

Apgar score calculator

apgar scoring Continue reading »

Apgar score

Apgar scoreUpon arrival into this big world, the first thing in store for your new arrival is an Apgar score. Continue reading »

Strength training for beginners

Strength trainingSimply put, strength training makes your muscles stronger by breaking them down. You break them down by making them work. Continue reading »

Exercises to prepare your body for pregnancy

pre-pregnancy exercisesDo you want to have a fit and healthy pregnancy and avoid the aches and pains associated with carrying around the extra weight? Get in shape before you conceive. Here’s a look at which pre-pregnancy exercises are most important for your body. Continue reading »