10 weeks pregnant

10 weeks pregnantYou are 10 weeks pregnant or 8 weeks after conception. Now your baby is almost an inch and a half! She weighs almost 0.18 oz or 5 grams. Continue reading »

9 weeks pregnant

9 weeks pregnantDuring week nine your baby is beginning to develop her bones and cartilage. All of the fingers and both thumbs have appeared but they are webbed. Continue reading »

8 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnantYou have been pregnant now for eight weeks if we count by gestational age and your baby has been developing for approximately six weeks since conception. How’s your baby measuring up this week? She is about a half to two-thirds of an inch long – the size of a kidney bean. Continue reading »

7 weeks pregnant

7 weeks pregnantThe seventh week of your pregnancy will bring its own frontiers to cross. Your baby will have been around for about five weeks now. At this time your baby is about a half of an inch big, or the size of a blueberry.Your baby will grow very quickly this week. Continue reading »

6 weeks pregnant

6 weeks pregnantDuring the sixth week of pregnancy your baby is beginning to set up a circulatory system that will help with brain development. Also his or her vascular system and heart is a single tube that runs in an up and down direction throughout his or her body. Continue reading »

5 weeks pregnant

5 weeks pregnantDuring week five of your pregnancy you may not know you are pregnant but you may have little signs. You may find that you are nauseous in the mornings or that you have dry heaves. You may feel a little tired and run down even though you have just awakened from a good nights sleep. Continue reading »

Traveling while pregnant

traveling pregnantThe safest time for traveling while pregnant is during the second trimester (18 through 24 weeks) when you are usually feeling your best and are in the least danger of experiencing a miscarriage or premature labor, according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Continue reading »

4 weeks pregnant

4 weeks pregnantDuring week four of your pregnancy you still may not know you are pregnant. When you are four weeks along your baby’s gestational age is two weeks. Your body will alert you to your pregnancy. Continue reading »

3 weeks pregnant

fertilizationWeek two of your pregnancy ends with your eggs being released from fluid-filled sacs called follicles and being met in your fallopian tubes by one lucky sperm. This is where week three of your pregnancy begins, with the sperm meeting the egg. Continue reading »

2 weeks pregnant

2 weeks pregnant The second week of you pregnancy is quite a busy time for your body. Your uterus is preparing itself for your baby like you would prepare your home if an important guest were coming for a visit, albeit a long visit. Continue reading »

1 week pregnant

1 week pregnantBelieve it or not, your body is planning on becoming pregnant, every month whether you want to be pregnant or not. Continue reading »

Calories in food

calories in foodThe most wholesome way to control your body weight is to keep a balance of the calories you consume with the number of calories your body uses. Here in this article, specific calories content per 100g (3,5 ounces) of certain food is listed clearly. Continue reading »

Pregnancy due date calculator

Happy pregnant womanIf your pregnancy test is positive, then congratulations! You are going to be a mom in a few months. The first thing that an expectant mother usually wants to know is when her baby will be due. Do you know when you might have conceived? How to calculate your due date? Continue reading »


Protein sourcesProteins are large biomolecules. The basic building blocks of protein are called amino acids. There are twenty different amino acids that can be combined in an infinite number of ways to make up all the thousands of different proteins your body needs. Continue reading »


fiberAlthough people usually talk about fiber as a single component of food, it’s not that simple. Fiber is a general term that refers to complex carbohydrates that your body cannot digest or absorb. Also known as dietary fiber or roughage. Instead of being used for energy (like other carbohydrates), fiber is excreted. Continue reading »